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Appeals for help in improving this site

If you can help with any of the following, kindly contact me through this site's feedback page. I am looking for certain software packages for use in improving this site.

If anyone knows the internal file format of the .CVX files used by the ConvertPerfect 2.0 program that dates from the WPDOS 6.x era, please contact me. ConvertPerfect was also used by Novell Groupwise, and the file format may perhaps have been documented by Novell.

I am looking for versions of the WordPerfect CAP (Customer Advantage Program) CD that date from 1994 or earlier (not the January 1995 release). If you have a copy of one of these CDs, please contact me.

I am looking for the full Arabic or Hebrew versions of WPDOS 5.1. Please contact me also if you no longer need your copy of the printed manual for the Arabic or Hebrew versions or the separate Arabic or Hebrew modules. 

The authors of StampIt for WordPerfect for DOS 6.x have generously given permission to post a copy of this watermark-managing software on this site for free download, but they no longer have a copy of the manual for the program If you have a copy of the manual for the DOS version (not the Windows version), please contact me.

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