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Speedo Typefaces for WPDOS 6.x

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Speedo typefaces for in WPDOS 6.x

WordPerfect for DOS 6.x shipped with graphic typefaces in both PostScript and Speedo formats. "Graphic fonts" are the fonts that WordPerfect 6.x uses in its graphic mode (page view, print preview, graphic view, etc.) and which can also be printed on almost any printer. The Speedo type format was invented by Bitstream and was widely used in the DOS era, but has since been abandoned by its creator and is not used by any current software. Speedo fonts, however, continue to be useful in WPDOS 6.x, partly because of their large international character set (over six hundred characters) partly because of their generally high quality.

Unfortunately, Speedo fonts are hard to find. Some were included in Bitstream's FaceLift font products, and you may be able to find FaceLift packages on auction or other sites. If you can locate Speedo fonts, follow this procedure for installing them:

Find and copy the .SPD and .TDF files into your \BTFONTS directory. (If you do not know where this is, or if you did not create such a directory when installing WPDOS 6.x, use Shift-F1, Location of Files, Graphic Fonts Data Files, Bitstream Speedo to find or create your Speedo font directory.) To install the fonts into WPDOS 6.x, use Ctrl-F8, Shift-F1, Install/Delete Fonts, and then, when the WordPerfect Font Installer opens, under Select Font Type, choose Bitstream Speedo; specify the correct directories for the .SPD/.TDF Speedo font files and for your WP.DRS file. Mark the fonts you wish to install, and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Note: A collection of more than eighty Speedo typefaces, formerly available from the XyWrite support group, may be downloaded here, but this collection does not include the .TDF files that WordPerfect requires in order to install the fonts. Thanks to an anonymous contributor to this site, you may download the required .TDF files from this link.

Corrections for Speedo character maps

The WordPerfect font installer produces slightly incorrect character maps when installing Speedo fonts. The quotation mark characters 4,27, 4,28, and 4,29 are not mapped to symbols in the fonts, so WordPerfect chooses generic quotation marks instead. To correct this problem, make a backup copy of your WP.DRS file (probably in your WPC62DOS or similarly named folder), and edit WP.DRS with PTR.EXE as follows:

Launch PTR.EXE, open WP.DRS; select Edit, then Fonts, then Non-Shared Built-In, then select whichever Speedo font you want to edit. Select Edit, then Character Map, then Edit, and under Current Character Set to Edit, choose typographic symbols.

For proportional-spaced Speedo fonts, make the following corrections:

 For monospaced Speedo fonts (for example, Prestige Elite), make the following corrections:

Save the WP.DRS file.

Warning: Do not even think of making similar changes to TrueType, Type 1, or any other kinds of font. These corrections are only for Speedo fonts! Don't be clueless!

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