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Utilities from WordPerfect and Corel

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Links to Corel and other WPDOS sites and third-party utilities and tools may be found on separate pages. The first of these pages includes links related to WP for the Macintosh. A separate page is devoted to Shell, Editor, and other WP Office for DOS programs.

If you get error messages when you try to download files from Corel's web site, see this site's troubleshooting guide for Corel downloads.

Update patch for U.S. English version of WordPerfect for DOS 6.1

An updater that corrects minor problems in tables and other features of the U.S. English version of WordPerfect for DOS 6.1 is available from Corel's ftp site. Details may be found on the description page of Corel's WPDOS 6.1 download page. Apply this patch if your copy of WPDOS 6.1 has a file date that includes the time 6:10 am; with the patch applied, the date will be changed to 6:10 pm.

Corel's WPLook document repair utility

A free Windows-based document-repair utility for WP 6.x or later files is available from Corel's web site. Download WPLook.exe and use it to repair file corruption and other problems in WPDOS 6.x files. Be cautious with this and any other repair utility; make a backup of any file before repairing it. (Corel's similar but earlier WP file repair utility may also be useful, but the newer WPLook.exe version may be more effective.)

A thorough description of WPLook may be found on an archived page from Laura Acklen's WPWriter site.

The WordPerfect Shell and Editor programs

Information on these programs has been moved to a separate page on Shell, Editor, and other WordPerfect Office for DOS programs.

The WPDOS 6.x Printer Definition Program

The PTR.EXE (Printer Definition Program) utility required to modify WPDOS 6.x printer drivers and WP.DRS was not shipped with diskette-based copies of WordPerfect for DOS 6.x. You may download a self-extracting 60PTR.EXE file from Corel's FTP site, and run it to extract PTR.EXE.

Note: The 5.1 version of PTR.EXE shipped with WPDOS 5.1, but if you do not have a copy, it too may be downloaded as a self-extracting PTR51.EXE file from Corel's FTP site.

WordPerfect language modules

The original language modules for WPDOS were formerly available from Corel, together with language modules for WordPerfect for Windows, on a US$49.95 CD-ROM named "Corel WordPerfect Language Module." It may still be possible to order it through various retailers (look for "WordPerfect" and "language module" in a search engine) and it sometimes appears on eBay. Alternatively, you may be able to find a pirated ISO image of the CD by performing a web search for "WordPerfect language module for WordPerfect 7"; despite the name, the ISO includes the WPDOS language modules in its DOS folder. Remember that pirated ISO images may come with viruses, malware, and other dangerous things, so you may prefer to find a copy of the original CD.

A version of TrueType for WordPerfect for use with the Hebrew and Arabic Language Modules for WPDOS 5.1 may be downloaded from this site.

See the third-party tools page for links to other language-related files.

CorelConvert converts Microsoft Word files to WP format

See also a separate page on opening WordPerfect files in Microsoft Word.

Information about this utility is now available on a separate page about importing Microsoft Word files into WordPerfect for DOS.

Screen Font Editor

A Screen Font Editor (SFE) utility for creating and modifying the fonts used in WPDOS text screens was released by WordPerfect Corporation in 1990. This program lets you select which characters will appear in text mode when you select, in WPDOS 5.1, Shift-F1/Display/Colors-Fonts-Attributes/512 Characters  or, in WPDOS 6.x, Shift-F1/Display/Text Mode Screen Type-Colors/Color Schemes/512 chars. You may also create characters if the character you want is not available. (SFE was used to create the euro-enabled text font available from this site.)

SFE is copyrighted software, but because Novell and Corel have made the far more valuable Editor and Shell programs freely available for downloading, I hope that the SFE program may also be considered downloadable. The complete installation program may be downloaded in this WPCSFE.ZIP archive. Extract the files from the ZIP archive to a temporary directory; run Install.exe, and install the program in a directory of its own. The help file (accessible with F3) documents the entire program.

An HTML version of the help file has been prepared by the user who calls himself MrWarper at the wpuniverse.com forums.

WP's custom screen fonts can be displayed on modern computers when run under an emulator like DOSBox-X, but only when the emulator has been set up not to use TrueType output. (Feel free to ask for help in the forum at www.wpuniverse.com.) If you are not using an emulator, then WP's custom screen fonts will only display in Windows versions up to and including XP, and only in full-screen DOS mode, not in a DOS window under Windows; they will not display when DOS is in monochrome mode. Under Windows NT, 2000, and XP, you must launch WPDOS in full-screen mode if you want to display custom screen fonts; you cannot launch WP in windowed mode and then switch to full-screen mode (with Alt-Enter). Under Windows 95, 98, and Me, you may be able to launch WPDOS in windowed mode, then switch to full-screen mode (with Alt-Enter), then force WP to refresh its screen fonts by switching into Print Preview (or any other graphics mode) and then back to text mode, causing the custom screen fonts to appear. See this site's suggestions for forcing WPDOS to begin in full-screen mode.

WordPerfect for DOS Knowlege Base

The WordPerfect for DOS Knowledge Base files (in HTML format) may be found in this ZIP archive. Unzip the files into a convenient folder and use a search program to find information in them.

Software Developer Kits

The original WPDOS Software Developer Kits (SDKs), for programmers who want to write programs that work with WPDOS, were formerly downloadable from Corel's FTP site; a 1994 ISO disk image with many (perhaps all) the formerly-available files may be downloaded from archive. org. (Link courtesy of Jim Slagle.)

For convenience, the SDK for WPDOS 5.1, the full SDK for WPDOS 6.x (DOS60SDK.zip) and the WPDOS 6.x File Format SDK may be downloaded here.

Documentation for older file formats include this WordPerfect Corp. document on the WPDOS 4.2 file format; a blog post by Fridrich Strba on the WPMac 1.x and 2.x formats; and an official Corel document on the WPMac 3.5e ("4.0") file format.

No documentation of WordPerfect encrypted files was ever available from WordPerfect or later owners of the software. A 1987 article by John Bennett describes the encryption format of WP 4.x files.

Optional Add-Ons for WPDOS

Some optional enhancements to WPDOS that were available by mail from WordPerfect corporation are now downloadable from Corel's FTP site.  Further details on the contents of the Corel FTP site are available on this site's links page.

Corel's listing of WPDOS 5.x downloads (and the FTP page itself) includes, among many others:

Corel's listing of WPDOS 6.x downloads (and the FTP page itself) has downloads usable with all 6.x versions. These include, among many others:

Other add-ons and related files are listed elsewhere on this page.

Envoy viewers for files supplied with some WordPerfect, Novell, and Corel products

Some products from WordPerfect Corporation, Novell, and Corel shipped with documents in the Envoy format, an Adobe Acrobat-like document format originally created by Tumbleweed Software and later acquired by Novell. Two main versions of the Envoy format were released to the public, version 1 and version 7. Viewers for Envoy documents were supplied with most products that included such documents; standalone viewer applications were available for Windows (Envoy versions 1 and 7), 68K Macs (Envoy version 1 only), and PowerPC Macs (Envoy versions 1 and 7).

Various versions of the Windows viewer may be found at this academic site. Or you can install the last Windows version using this direct download link.

The full Tumbleweed Publishing Essentials package (version 1.1 for 32-bit Windows) includes tools for generating, indexing, and linking Envoy files.

A version 7 viewer for PowerPC Macs may be downloaded in this Zip archive. Version 1 viewers for 68K and PowerPC Macs may be downloaded in this Zip archive.

Version 1 viewers only, for Windows and the Mac, may be downloaded from this third-party site.

Versions are intermittently available from other sites for a Windows 3.x version and versions for PowerPC Macintoshes (and later G3, etc., Macs) and for older 68K Macs.

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